Topless Melissa Clarke

Another fine day and another update featuring the sexy topless Melissa Clarke with her amazing curves. Seems that this time she got her dirty little hands on another camera and she was intent on taking selfies once more. Maybe her vacation actually turned her this way. Well either way she plans on showing you what she’s photographing and we think you should be grateful that she’s not taking pictures of funny cats and dogs. But we digress. She was on what you might call a shopping spree today and got a ton of new clothes.

And feeling really proud about her awesome purchases she wants to show them off one by one. Expect to see her trying out all manners of new and sexy outfits in front of her camera and then taking them off to reveal her amazing body underneath. To be fair we bet that your attention won’t be on the clothes themselves but rather her perky breasts and hot curves. Either way it wasn’t a bad day in our book and we sure hope she’ll be doing this again. As much as we enjoy shooting her she still looks so cute taking her own pictures. SO enjoy and see you next time guys! If yoy liked this beauty maybe you might take a look at another hot models posing in different erotic ways, so check out blog. Enjoy!


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