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Last updated: May 29th, 2017
Well for this week’s Melissa Clarke videos update, we wanted to try something a bit special. We’re bringing you a set of two videos instead of just one in the same update. To be honest we really wanted to show off her latest videos and couldn’t wait around for another week, to share this with you. For the first one the super hot and sexy model Melissa dons a black see through leotard that leaves little to the imagination, and shows her perfectly shaped curves from underneath along with her round breasts and pussy.

For the second part and video of the Melissa Clarke update, your lusty and little dirty minded brunette takes to the kitchen for her session. And no it’s not to cook. Well she’s a model not a master chef, but the scene was chosen by her so we had our hands tied for that one. Without further due, watch her as she undresses from her outfit and poses semi nude around the kitchen teasing everyone with her beautiful body today. You know the drill for the rest, just like always stay tuned for more in the following weeks and enjoy. See you soon! If you liked this cutie cum inside blog and have fun watching another gorgeous babe getting naked in front of the camera for you!


See slutty Melissa showing off her impressive knockers!

Melissa Clarke Video

Well we told you that you won’t want to miss this Melissa Clarke video update, and if you came by you wont be disappointed. The brunette didn’t really do a video before so this was all new to her. But she focused herself at the job at hand and knew that she just had to pose around a bit for the cam. She’s just so cute feeling a bit insecure and you’ll get to see that on the video itself. Be assured that she quickly comes to grips and starts acting professional but it’s worthwhile to see her vulnerable every once in a while.

Because you know that confident and beautiful smile of hers aren’t always on her face. Well she’s only human too isn’t she? So lets sit and watch the show she’ll put on for everyone today. As the scene begins she starts undressing from her kinky outfit to show off her body curves and breasts just for the video camera and you today. Don’t forget to also check the rest of her galleries out guys, they’re just as good as this video and our woman always aims to improve as you’ll see in every one of her photo shoots. Enjoy guys and don’t forget to visit Kelsey Obsession website if you’re looking for similar videos, featuring another stunning chick who is looking just like Melissa.

Check out Melissa bragging with her smoking hot body!

Sexy Black Lingerie

For this week’s update Melissa Clarke has another thing she wants to show off in addition to her amazing body. You see she’s been on a shopping spree before coming in to the studio today and she has something she needs to show off. She got her hands on a new set of black frilly lingerie set and she’s on a one track mind to show it off to you in today’s awesome update. Just like before, take your seat, and watch this hottie’s show as she’s got quite the special outfit to show off this time.

She takes a spot on the white leather couch with the cameras all focused on her and all ready to start clicking recording her beauty on cam for your viewing pleasure. At first she takes off her bra and continues to switch poses to tease you even more with her amazing body. Enjoy getting a good look at her playful perky breasts and the rest of her luscious curves everyone. Just like always, we hope you enjoyed it and see you next time. Be sure to check in as you really won’t want to miss the next few melissaclarke updates. If you liked her you can visit the blog and have fun watching other stunning chicks getting naked and wild!


Check out gorgeous Melissa taking off her sexy lingerie!

Melissa Clarke Galleries

In these Melissa Clarke galleries the lovely brunette porn star takes another peculiar theme for her shoot. This time she wanted to tap into and cater to her presumable rock and heavy metal fans out there, so she’s dressed herself as a really sexy heavy metal chick that’s going to get down with the band’s gear while the guys are taking a break. They left her to watch over their stuff until they get back, but you know the deal with our woman. She kind of has a problem with sitting still and just waiting around.

So not even 5 minutes after they leave she starts taking off her rock themed clothing and starts posing around with the big concert instruments. The whole thing makes her look even more sexy that she usually is, so without delays, watch her as she plays around the storeroom half nude just for you. As for us, well you know the drill, we’ll be back again next week with more of this slutty little woman’s pictures. Until then stay tuned and keep on the lookout, you won’t want to miss the next melissaclarke update!

melissa-clarke-gallery melissa-clarke-gallery-topless

Watch here hot Melissa playing with her huge knockers!

Melissa Clarke Porn Scene

For this Melissa Clarke porn update, the sizzling hot brunette has a treat for you. You know she usually just resorts to showing off her beautiful breasts for you and keeping her panties on to just let your imagination wander at the thought of her pussy. Well the treat she as for you today, is that she’ll show off her perfect pink pussy too. She thought it was about time for you to get to have a glimpse at all of her lady parts for this one. So without further due, sit back, relax and enjoy the show, this time the sexy Melissa sure outdid herself.

As the shooting begins she makes quick work of getting out of her outfit. It was composed of a rather cute and tight floral patterned dress that just made her look gorgeous like the ones on! Well like always she wasn’t really planning on packing anything underneath it. To be fair she did say that she doesn’t have the biggest breasts out there but they’re just small and cute enough to not necessitate a bra. Also she said it feels constricting. Well we should get to the part that you want to hear about right? Enjoy her strip show and check back soon.


Check out busty Melissa showing off her amazing body!

Naughty Stripping

Today Melissa Clarke brings you her latest photo shoot where she excelled at her modeling yet again. As you probably know by now this lovely woman always wants to impress and with a killer body like hers how can she not. In this one the name of the game is strip tease and she’s apparently a master at it just like hot Tiffany Taylor. The whole scene went down in the kitchen where Melissa was waiting all ready to undress from her cardigan and wearing nothing else besides her black see trough panties underneath. So sit back and enjoy the show everyone.

At first she poses around sensually striking some hot poses for the camera. But soon she’s going to please her naughty side and start undressing from her outfit. As she takes off her sweater she gives you a great view of her amazingly perky and playful breasts that just yearn for attention. As she continues she just does her thing teasing more and more with every pose that she strikes. If that doesn’t entice any man to want her then nothing will. With that being said, we’ll see you next time, and make sure that you don’t miss the following update. Also you can enter the blog and see another sexy babe showing off her impressive body curves!



Check out naughty Melissa revealing her delicious curves!

Melissa Clarke Pictures

For today’s Melissa Clarke pictures update we have a killer combo pack of the sizzling hot brunette’s pics all primed and ready for you to view and enjoy. The combo is composed of two of her latest shoots that she just got around to finishing this week and she’s also really eager to hear your opinions on them. The first set has her dressed in a very sexy see through outfit, that gives some generous sights of her amazing body from underneath it. You can be assured that she doesn’t just let you be teased and just look at her dressed.

She takes it off to reveal that body that you all love, in all it’s glory. For the second one she’s feeling rather naughty and decides to take to the back yard for the shoot. And she does so only wearing her skimpy pink panties going outside topless. you don’t mind that do you? Of course you don’t if you would why would you be here. So sit back and watch the beauty doing her thing in these amazing galleries today. We’re just going to leave this with you as we’re taking our leave. Aldo don’t forget to check out the rest of this nude chick‘s  galleries too. Bye!

melissa-clarke-picture melissa-clarke-pictures

Check out busty Melissa showing off her amazing body!

Melissa Flirting

Melissa Clarke returns today with more of her surprise pictures. This one in particular features our brunette in some enticing behind the scenes looks as she gets some nice compliments about her body by the make up staff. And you know Melissa she always enjoys the attention she gets, this not being an exception. Seems that one of the make-up ladies is simply awestruck with her beauty and amazing body, and she just had to compliment our nude model. Suffice to say she really enjoyed the attention and even shared some tips on how to keep fit with her new friend.

So without further due, sit back and enjoy seeing the beauty captured in all her beauty pussy pleasing in every frame as one of our photographers followed her around the set capturing her beauty even when she’s not doing an actual shoot. As you can see, there’s really no need for any post editing of her pics as she looks just as stunning even caught off guard. So watch her topless  session as she enjoys explaining to the lady her tips for this one. Just as always you won’t be disappointed, trust us. Again we take our leave but we’re reminding you to keep your eyes peeled for the next update that we’ll have ready next week. Wanna see some hot milfs getting fucked? If you do, enter the site!


Watch here naughty Melissa bragging with her hot body!

Topless Melissa Clarke

Another fine day and another update featuring the sexy topless Melissa Clarke with her amazing curves. Seems that this time she got her dirty little hands on another camera and she was intent on taking selfies once more. Maybe her vacation actually turned her this way. Well either way she plans on showing you what she’s photographing and we think you should be grateful that she’s not taking pictures of funny cats and dogs. But we digress. She was on what you might call a shopping spree today and got a ton of new clothes.

And feeling really proud about her awesome purchases she wants to show them off one by one. Expect to see her trying out all manners of new and sexy outfits in front of her camera and then taking them off to reveal her amazing body underneath. To be fair we bet that your attention won’t be on the clothes themselves but rather her perky breasts and hot curves. Either way it wasn’t a bad day in our book and we sure hope she’ll be doing this again. As much as we enjoy shooting her she still looks so cute taking her own pictures. SO enjoy and see you next time guys! If yoy liked this beauty maybe you might take a look at another hot models posing in different erotic ways, so check out blog. Enjoy!


Check out slutty Melissa playing with her juggs!

Melissa Clarke Nude Scene

For this update seems that the brunette returned in the swing of things and she has a Melissa Clarke nude session for your enjoyment. Like we said she returned from her little vacation and according to her she just couldn’t wait to get back to her modeling for your entertainment. Seems that this sexy college girl really loves her job, and such dedication is hard to come by in any domain. So let’s watch her and see what she has in store for you today. One thing’s for sure though. She’s here to impress.

So she gets all dressed up in one enticing and sexy black outfit that just gets your imagination going in regards to this beauty’s luscious shapes.  It was composed of a black satin bra and panties, but it seems that she was really eager to take them off as she promptly removes her bra not even 5 minutes into the shoot. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the sizzling hot brunette pose around and undress for your viewing pleasure. Again we’ll see you next time with more of her. Until then , bye and stay tuned!


 Check out hot Melissa revealing her amazing curves!

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